Vision Line for Descenders

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Published by antgrass (mod ID: 1110004)


Somewhat accurate replica of the vision line at revolution bike park but also oversized so that it is more fun for descenders.





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annaxd166034dfrg @annaxd166034dfrg

the code please ?

nicks2006 @nicks2006

Just great! (I also learned how to jump correctly :D!!!) Nice and flowy, biiig jumps - Pure fun!!!

calibeats @calibeats

can u export a mac version please :)

nohumanman @nohumanman

not enough ants. 5 stars.

Shampo @shampo

A strong point of this map is what it takes to go fast and with flow, those hips that send you to the sky, man does that feel good? Thing is, this could be a double edged sword, having so little room for error won't be much fun for newer riders. I notice that the way you build lines would be closely related to your riding style, which is perfect because that is how you want your product to be and this is what you offer us, then everyone decides if they like it or not and it's up to them to choose if they want to keep trying to enjoy it as it should or stay believing that it's impossible to ride and you have to fix the jumps xD

Now, a true personal opinion about you as a Descenders Modder. I think that when someone dedicates so many hours of well-polished work to something, and not to mention the amount of these as well, it means the affection you have for the game as many of us do, and that is amazing. I really think you have a lot of future with this type of projects, you are someone who has become very talented. I wish you the best and that you continue to bring us more jewels like this!

antgrass @antgrass

thank you so much shampo for the appreciation and feedback :)

Minesheap @nx577826

Who are you? Do you go outside? You make fantastic maps like every five days!!! HOLY SH**

FishFettuccine @fishfettuccine

great fun on the jumps. one of the landing of the jump is way too short after the speed you get but other than that great map

jiks09 @jiks09

the flow be amazing, but just after the shark tale, please please please, make that jump a tiny bit small just so you dont have to boost it

ANGUS62 @angusvictormac

another new and good card :)
you do in quality and quantity
it's a bit short, very good, the jumps are hard but it went well, there are one or two landings it's a bit short but it's ok :) thank you for your work

antgrass @antgrass

de rien :)