Universal Race Mod for Descenders

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Published by high_voltage (mod ID: 693905)


Universal Race Mod


  • Install by downloading ingame from mod browser or download the .zip file and unpack the folder inside to your Mods folder.
  • Load up the mod, then switch to any other bike park, mod or seed. Do this everytime you start the game!
  • Create a lobby with your preferred options to start racing. To join a lobby you must load up its map before.
  • Toggle the menu with CTRL + M. Menu doesn't popup? You probably did not install it correctly, try downloading from the mod browser ingame.
  • After downloading an update for this mod your game must be restarted!


  • Multiplayer race lobbies / Singleplayer speedrunning
  • Two race types: Freeride & Checkpoint
  • Online leaderboards with point based ranking systems
  • Multiple lines on bike parks / mods
  • Chat
  • and many more...!

Note: I haven't added all lines for all bike parks and mods, that means checkpoint races are not available on all maps yet! This will take some time...


There are two types of rankings: Speedrunning & Racing

  • Speedrunning Ranking: (Generated seeds don't add points, only bike parks/mods!)
    • You get points based on finishing a map in top 10 leaderboards
    • 1st: 100
    • 2nd: 90
    • 3rd: 80
    • etc.
    • 10th: 10
  • Racing Ranking: (minimum 3 players required in a race to get points)
    • You get points based on the placement in your lobby
    • Points to earn: Amount of players * 10 - 10
    • For example a race has 5 players:
      • 1st: 40
      • 2nd: 30
      • etc.
      • 5th: 0


  • jubjub for the mod loader









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EhPacha? @ehpacha

Love the mod! Thanks for taking your time to make it! I've been unable to create a lobby lately and I was wondering if you have any advice? I'd love to get back to it!

AdyStudios @adystudios

Sick mod! A nice touch would be if you disable the cursor if the menu is not shown, you can do that with this line of code:
Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked; (the Cursor.visible is automaticly set to false ;)

ANGUS62 @angusvictormac

why, this system is not naturally in the base game? gg for the mod, it works fine