Tile Run for Descenders

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Published by Siro (mod ID: 61455)


Based on the idea that tiles react to players, Tile Run was created.
In contrast to Tile Drop, the tiles wont fall down and the main focus is the trail.

Starting easy, the level's difficulty increases the further you come.
You can complete it through a variety of paths that allow you to improve your skills by choosing more difficult ways.

This level can be quite hard for beginners.
Remember, sometimes it is not the best idea to jump as late as possible.
Try to predict your trajectory and use the features like "pumping" as good as possible.

Saddle up and have fun!

Ratings and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.








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jojononame3 @jojononame3

Ich kann die Mod nicht öffene weiß einer wie das geht

Siro @siro1

Just install ingame using the "Mod Browser".
Click "subscribe" and the mod will be downloaded.
Once this is done, you can see it in the list of mods.
Then, simply click on "Tile Run" there and you can play it.

Keep in mind that mods only work on the PC (Steam) version of the game.

Say_OMG @say-omg

how to play map i have subscribed but i dont know what to do

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

I uploaded my run on youtube if you guys want to check it out :)

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

Please do more mods! I'm down to test them if you want add me on discord it's Iciee#6128, I'm usually off the whole day every Friday Saturday and I'm free the whole afternoon on Sundays, I get online every night though

Siro @siro1

Ye. I wont be able to push out maps frequently as it takes much time and I only got weekends to work on this ;)
I'll get in touch with you in case I need some testers :) I think you can also easily find me in the modding-corner on discord.
Thanks for your feedback.

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

Awesome dude, you deserve a thumbs up on this one, and from ten thousands of players that are playing this, you're the best! :)

I managed to finish the level with a 07:59, really awesome of you for taking criticism, feedback, and actually talking back with people and that's awesome <3

Nobbie @romansuperduper

Thanks for fixing spiral part! Awsome mod

RosieRageSquid @roanalbers

Loved this! Super creative as well <3

Siro @siro1

Thanks! Glad to hear that :)

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

Also I'm at the spiral part, please fix that thing holy crap

The consecutive jumps after the first loop (why is there spinning wheels near the end on those jumps???), the spiral

Those things need fix, i'll make a petition for people to thumbs this down until you come out of your senses and fix this track.

Siro @siro1

Alright alright xD...
So, what exactly is the problem with the turning wheels?
The spiral.. ye you are right. It is hard to get the top jump.
I will soon add a separate way that should be a bit easier.

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

And the turning wheels part is fine, managed to get it now but still not managing to do it in one try for some reason

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

The spiral got simpler now, now if you move up closer on the third ramp from the spiral part then it's perfect

Idk if you have your own full squad but you should get noobs to test your maps in the future, some parts in this map requires veteran bikers to pass tbh

I didn't do a petition (sorry if I said that I was angry) I'll put a thumbs up because you actually listened... Thank you.

Siro @siro1

Glad I could improve your experience a bit.
No, actually I do not have anyone else to test it beforehand.
Maybe I'll add some ways to "bypass" the difficult sections but without having an advantage in completing the level in terms of time needed.
Also, it was not my intention to make this level super easy for everyone, that's why it is tagged as "Pro" regarding difficulty.

Have fun and keep improving your skills :)
More suggestions are always welcome.

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

Ik this is pro category but ik one of the ramps from the spiral needs fix, I had a 40 min session and still can't seem to get it, please don't add an easy route or anything some of us just wants that ramp fixed

Siro @siro1

Updated the final jumps in the last version. Maybe it works better for you now as well ;)

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

This mod is alright, sure it looks cool, but it needs fix like the first loop part, right after you pass the first loop, the jumps are impossible to pass, you need more speed or make one of the ramps closer or something.

Siro @siro1

Hey there, thanks for the feedback.
What exactly do you mean with the second loop and which ramps?
Do you mean those located in the freeride section where you join?
I tested it multiple times and could always get both loops.
For the jumps I aggree but did not consider them to be perfect as it is just the warmup part of the map.
They are doable but I will have a look at them again and see how to fix them.

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

You know the part where you go down a big pipe then you reach the jumps and after the jumps it's the loop? Once you complete the loops there's like 3 curved corners we gotta do to reach the top and then there's the painful jumps I wish some of us can do in one try, add a slope that goes down before the first jump so we can get enough speed for the jumps

imhornyasl @imhornyasl

Ik this is a late feedback but I managed to figure out that part, I just hold my stick down then I counter pump, I just wish its a one try thing? I always manage to do it on my 5th try, add a slope on the straight or something...