Tile Drop for Descenders

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Published by Siro (mod ID: 47663)


This is the first version of Tile Drop.

Stay on the tiles and own the last one to win.

I am already working on different levels and more content.

If you enjoy this level, please let me know.
Suggestions are welcome!

Good luck & have fun,

What happens to the level if no one can reach any tiles?

In short, the level deconstructs itself. Once the process is triggered, its speed increases over time.
At one point, there will only be one tile left and the round ends.
After that, the level resets completely and you can start a fresh round with new tiles.

Why do some players seem to fly / lag?

As I am not quite sure how descenders handles the multiplayer,
my guess is that the levels are not really synchronized for all players.
You may see different tiles being up/down than others.
Sadly, I think that there is nothing that I could do to prevent this.
In case there is a solution, please let me know.
So all I can suggest is to play the level offline if you want to try out a strategy to win.

I would like to see an approach for how to deal with this situation from the devs.
Maybe something like a synchronized lobby mode could help or at least the ability to start the level in singleplayer mode (without going offline).





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