Stromlo Dual Slalom and Jump Track for Descenders

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Published by JackAdvancedCAD (mod ID: 1336424)


This is a concept for a new dual slalom and jump track to be built at Stromlo Forest Park in the Australian Capital Territory. The project is for Iconic Trails, who would professionally build the trails on the old 4 cross hill near the trail head. Please stay subscribed as I improve the model and track design. If you ride at Stromlo it would be great to get your feedback on the trail designs.




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J.Bog @jbog

Hi mate, Ive seen what youve been doing in terms of desinging trails for real life clients and I am extremley interested to know more. Would you prehaps be up for having a chat or something? Please send me a private message if your interested I would love to hear from you and I would be very greatful for your time.


lusr @lusr

This mod is not compatible with linux and Mac OS. Remove those tags.

AdyStudios @adystudios

Maybe set up a few screenshots, so people will know what to expect ;)

AdyStudios @adystudios

Love the art style, great map! :)

ANGUS62 @angusvictormac

you have a good idea
widen the track, improve it and finish it, you're on a good idea

JackAdvancedCAD @jackadvancedcad

Thanks Angus. I've been doing 3D modelling of concept trails for Iconic Trails in Canberra, this is a proposal for the old 4 cross hill at Stromlo. And this is the first time I've been experimenting with Descenders to test the tracks. I will be improving the trails, so stay subscribed and I look foward to getting your feedback. Although I don't plan to do any graphic improvements as that's not the point of the exercise.
Are you from Canberra?

druiz996 @druiz996

Descenders is NOT a good game for perfect replicas, you can still "recreate the feel" of whatever trail but correct replicas won't work

JackAdvancedCAD @jackadvancedcad

Thanks Druiz. I've noticed the tracks have to be allot wider and the corners allot larger radius in descenders to what you'd need in real life, maybe it's because you just don't get that agility in the game to what you would in real life. It would also be good to be able to replicate the pumping action as that's a big factor in mountain biking in how you control the bike and generate more speed. Do you know of any more realistic mountain bike games?