Mt. Slope for Descenders

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Published by Siro (mod ID: 181572)


Mt. Slope

It is finally here, my new "secret" mod is now available for you guys to shred!

Explore the beauty of Mt. Slope with its downhill and slopestyle/downhill mix trails of varying difficulty!

Version 1.0 brings you three trails:
- BLUE Trail: A simple Downhill trail with a lot of slope and a variety of features.
- RED Trail: Slopestyle/Downhill mixed trail for professionals!
- BLACK Trail: Slopestyle/Downhill mixed trail for experts!

Watch out for trail markers!
They can help you understand what you need to do (e.g. no paddling or jumping) for optimal flow.

Additional trails are already planned and will come in future versions.
So be excited for what will come next!

I am grateful for any feedback.
So please let me know what you (dis-)liked.
Thank you!

Some features are inspired by Backyard Trail Builds.
Go check him out on YouTube to see more amazing ideas!

Fun Facts

  1. A player is about 1.75 units tall in Unity. (Let's call one unit "1 meter".)
  2. The beeline (start to finish) in Mt. Slope is therefore approximately 1040 meters.
  3. The gradient from start to finish in Mt. Slope is about 436 meters.
  4. According to "2." and "3.", the average slope (slope of the beeline) is therefore "only" ~42%.
  5. Still then, some parts of the trails are much steeper than that!
  6. It's said that the "Baldwin Street" (Dunedin, New Zealand) is the steepest street in the world with 35% slope [Wikipedia. Baldwin Street. Accessed: 12.12.2020].

You are still reading this description?
What are you waiting for?
Let's go
and send it!


Known Bugs / Problems

Hey there, here is just a small section to collect bugs that will be fixed with future updates.
In case you encounter a problem please let me know so that I can fix it. Thanks!

Version Description Status Additional Information
1.0.0 Problem with Camera when joining
the game using a controller.

Temporary fix: Just press a key on your keyboard.
Already fixed with patch v1.0.1.
If you still encounter this problem, please let me know.

1.0.0 Floating bench in spawn area closed

Fixed with patch v1.0.1





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austinwhaling @austinwhaling

This trail is straight banging

lachlanmgaming @lachlanmgaming

I can tell you're a 'Backyard Trail Builds' fan.

Siro @siro1

Don't know how you came up with this assumption xD
No seriously, I really enjoy his content and we have something in common:
We both like creating stuff. Only difference is that he does it irl. :D

druiz996 @druiz996

You're saying that the steepest slope probably averages around 30% (no trail goes 100% straight). I wonder what a realistic park would look like in this game (all trails being 9-25% average).

Siro @siro1

When did I say that? xD
Nah, the slope of the "beeline" from start to finish on this map is about 42%.
The world's steepest street is 35%. This was just another fun fact ;)
A trail could indeed have 100% slope in this game - even more - and I am sure some parts of these trails have more than that. I just think that it would be a bit too fast xD

True, it would be interesting to see how well 9-25% average would look/feel like in this game.
Maybe there are some maps like that. I just think that some more is a good thing for more fun and action. :)

ANGUS62 @angusvictormac

excellent !!
the modules are awesome
the small 3D map is a great idea, could you tilt it a bit to better observe it?
I want more, a lot more like that
I love your job, thank you very much

Siro @siro1

I will see what I can do (how it looks when tilted) :)
Changes will be added with the next patch.
Thanks for your feedback!