Descenders Modding Guide

This is the Descenders Modding Guide made by the developers of Descenders.


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1. Unity project

The first thing you will need to start working on your Descenders mod is the exact same Unity version that’s used to make Descenders.
You can download that Unity version here:

2. Importing packages

You will need to import the Descenders Mod Tools.unitypackage in your project to be able to export your Unity scene as a mod for Descenders. You can download this here:
Descenders Mod Tools.unitypackage

To get you started we have a few packages that may be interesting for you to download.

The Descenders CustomMap.unitypackage can get you started with some authentic Descenders ramps, checkpoints, starts and finishes. This will help you on your way.
If you want to create a BikeOut map, you should download and import the Descenders Bikeout Assets.unitypackage.

3. Scene management

First and foremost, make sure that when you export your mod there is no Main Camera active in your scene!
Apart from that there’s a couple things you will need to have in your scene to make sure your mod will work correctly in Descenders. I will list them for you here:

  • Start
  • Finish

‘Start’ should be an empty GameObject and should be positioned where you’d want the player to start in your map. Keep in mind that the Z-forward in Descenders means front. Also you will need to give your ‘Start’ the Tag: ‘Startline’ in Unity, as shown in the image below.


‘Finish’ should be an empty GameObject that has a Box Collider that has the Is Trigger checked. The Box Collider serves as a trigger for when to finish a player.


The ‘Finish’ object should have the Tag: ‘Finishline’ in Unity.

There are more Tags however you can use in your project to work with a Descenders mod.

  • ‘Checkpoint’
  • ‘Deathzone’
  • ‘Nobailzone’

These are also GameObjects with a Box Collider that serves as a trigger. ‘Checkpoints’ will have the player spawn from said ‘Checkpoint’ as the player passes through. A ‘Deathzone’ will bail the player, while a ‘Nobailzone’ will prevent the player from bailing.

Here’s an overview of the tags you can use in your Mod project:


Make sure to use the tags in this order otherwise they’ll get mixed up!

4. Scripts

It is possible to use scripting in your custom maps. However these scripts will need some additions to make sure they work with the Descenders mod implementation.

You’ll have to make sure your script has using ModTool.Interface; at the top.

And that your public class will be derived from ModBehaviour, not from Monobehaviour. Otherwise they will not be exported. Here’s an example:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using ModTool.Interface;
public class YourClass : ModBehaviour


  • The player object in-game is called ‘Player_Human’. So you can use GameObject.Find("Player_Human") to find it.

5. Exporting your mod

Before this step make sure you have imported the Descenders Mod Tools.unitypackage

If you have any assetBundle scripts and files leftover from Mayhem’s Map importer be sure to delete those as they might mess up the ModTool exporting!
Make sure your scene is added in File > Build Settings… as well.

Another thing is make a backup of your scripts! If you close the Unity scene before the export is finished it might delete your scripts.

When you’ve finished your map it’s time to export it so it can be used in Descenders.

To export your mod in Unity go to Tools > ModTool > Export. The image below will popup.

export settings

Give your mod an appropriate name, author, version and description. Make sure the platforms Windows, Linux and OSX are selected. And make sure that from the Content dropdown menu Scenes, Assets and Code are selected.

Give your mod an output directory that you can find later to use in


Make sure you have an account at

Follow the steps in the Descenders game page to add your mod. Make sure you have your Mod compressed as a ZIP file.


Siro @siro1

Can anyone tell how to test the mod locally?
I saw that there is a folder called "Mod" inside the games directory but it doesn't work just putting the ZIP file in there.
Also, I uploaded the mod here and made it PRIVATE but then I can not find it in the collection, even if logged in?

Siro @siro1

Alright, seems to work if you unzip it and put it inside the "Mod" folder.
Have fun, Siro.

RosieRageSquid @roanalbers

You should be able to see your own mod in, it's private so only us admins and you can see it.

Guest @guest

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