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Best Desender Assets for Unity

As a map maker you'll need many assets. Here is a quick overview over the best free & paid assets from the unity store.

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There are many good assets out there. Let's write the best together. You can add your personal favorites with a comment ^^

Free Assets:

Rocks and Boulders 2:
Photoscanned MoutainsRocks PBR:
HQ Autumn Dry Maple Trees:
Birch Tree Pack vol. 1:
Yughues Free Palm Trees:
Rocky Hills Environment - Light Pack:
Flooded Grounds:
Fallen Tree Barrier - Free:
Toadstools Pack - Photoscanned:
Grass Flowers Pack Free:
Standard Assets (Unity's Environment Pack):

Paid Assets:

Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature (€44.67):
Vegetation Studio/ Pro (€67 / €115.24):
Terrain Mountain road Maker(€13.40):
Asset Hunter PRO (€22.33):
Playmaker (€58.07):
Rock and Boulders 3 (€58.07):
Desktop Ground Cover Package (€88.44):

Feel free to comment your personal assets ^^

~ CoasterFreak <3

ps. Check out my mod xD


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