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This is the first public version of the Game of Bike multiplayer mod! READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION!


  • Custom Dedicated Server
  • Chat with other players
  • 1 big world with 18 different stunts and a lobby
  • Join or create lobbies
  • Play against up to 7 players
  • Spectate while not playing
  • Play with crew members on


  • Disable offline mode (if enabled, go to Settings -> Gameplay)
  • Press CTRL + M to open/close the menu
  • Click "Connect to Server" button
  • Join a lobby or create one and start playing (you can also start alone to practice)
  • IMPORTANT: If you can see atleast 7 other people playing, make sure the lobby you join actually has the players you can see ingame!
    • It is possible that the lobby you join has players which you can not see ingame, thus you cannot spectate each other.
    • This is due to the game deciding how to match players on its own (for every 8 players a new descenders lobby is created)
  • If the server is filled, AVOID going into pause menu (ESC / Start), someone else might take your slot in the descenders lobby
  • Controls are disabled when you click in chat, click outside the chatbox to gain control again
  • If you go afk or stop playing, please hit ESC or exit the mod/game


  • The game often crashes when exiting
  • When spectating a player, you might get a buggy camera view (white and zoomed out), press ESC/Start twice to fix it
    • Do this everytime before you join a lobby!
  • Your mouse cursor might disappear, press CTRL+M twice to get it back
  • You might get into a game of bike lobby with players you don't see ingame (see instructions)
  • Some players sometimes have an issue when completing a trick. The mod is sometimes unable to detect the trick for some reason, rejoin the lobby if this happens


  • Play alone (practice) or against 1-7 players
  • When game is started, turn order is randomized but stays consistent throughout the game
  • Every player starts with 0 letters (or points)
  • First player selects a trick at a specific location:
    • Every other player spectates
    • If the player lands his trick, everyone else has to repeat it in order, one by one
      • Every player that does not land his trick, gets a letter (or a point)
    • If the player does not land his trick, the next player gets to select
  • Once a trick is completed, it cannot be selected again at the same location
  • The order at which you do extra tricks (e.g. "CAN CAN SUPERMAN") matters!
  • When a player gets his fourth letter, he lost and can only spectate for the remaining game
  • The game continues until all players except one have 4 letters ("BIKE")
  • The last player remaining with less than 4 letters (or points) wins
  • A player joining after game start automatically get the current highest amount of letters any player in the lobby has


Mod by h!gh voltage

Map created by xXKushXx

Huge thanks to jubjub for the modloader and making this possible!

Thanks to Rosie for his support!

And thanks to all testers!

Found another bug? Want to create a map with this mod? Send an email to




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YunoGasai1591470684 @yunogasai1591470684

Can't seem to create lobbys for other's to join :/ fix plz?

high_voltage @high-voltage

Are you sure about that? I can't test myself atm but I just checked the logs and someone played a few minutes ago, so it has to be working.
Maybe you just lost connection to the server, just try to reconnect if it happens again.

PyroSalutes @pyrosalutes


cool map but Somehow nothing happens when I press control and M? Do I something wrong?

YunoGasai1591470684 @yunogasai1591470684

Very cool right?

PyroSalutes @pyrosalutes

yeath that's right because now it works on my computer I fix it all! My mod browser works too!

YunoGasai1591470684 @yunogasai1591470684

i know you told me just a few hours ago when we were still in teamspeak together ;)

high_voltage @high-voltage

It should work just fine, did you subscribe to the mod and downloaded it ingame?