Bulli Park for Descenders

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This is a concept design for a new flow jump track to be built in Bulli Park, just off the beach in NSW Australia. Professional track builders Iconic Trails will be building the trail, and the local mountain bike community are involved in consultation.

Here you can test ride the track, if you live in Bulli and will end up riding it in real life we'd love to hear your feedback.

Simulation is one of the services I offer to help trail builders design their trails. I can also provide 3D renders, augmented reality and building plans including soil volumes. Check out my website for more details:




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lusr @lusr

This mod is not compatible with linux and Mac OS. Remove those tags.

RosieRageSquid @roanalbers

I'm actually curious how this would flow if you'd scale everything x2. That's how we've been designing most things basically so would be curious if things would flow better for the game.

JackAdvancedCAD @jackadvancedcad

Thanks for the input. I did model things to a larger scale than what you generally would build in real life, the trail is 3m wide when in reality it will be 1.5 - 2m and the minimum outside bend radius is 10m, in real life you could probably go as tight as 5m on a downhill trail. So why is it that things have to be scaled up for it to ride properly? Is it because you don't have the agility in the game as to what you would in real life?
Do you know if Mod's like Leogong and Fort Williams are done to scale or has it been changed. I'm interested to learn more as I do work for a professional trail builder, 3D modelling concept trails for his customers and this ability to ride the trail in the game is very popular.
Can you also tell me what software you've found best for 3D modelling the trails.

RosieRageSquid @roanalbers

So things have to be upscaled for multiple reasons actually:
- The agility part is totally true.
- There's some stuff we do with the physics to give you a better sense of speed.
- It makes for some 'forgiveness' for the player so that they don't need to have the landing to be super precise.

I wouldn't know if Leogang and Fort Williams have any upscaling, might be best to check out our Descenders Discord because the modders there are pretty active and will probably have the answer for you!

To be honest any software will do, might be best to stick with what you're comfortable in, though I have heard very good things about Blender.

JackAdvancedCAD @jackadvancedcad

Thanks for the reply, interesting to hear.