BikeOut (Paluten Edition) for Descenders

Released (updated ago). Ranked 70 of 274 with 4,239 (2 today) downloads

Published by domsomdom (mod ID: 2053939)


How to install the Mod (two methodes)

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In-game installation:

1.Subscribe my Mod

2.Now the Mod will be installed automatically

3.When the download is finished you leave the Ingame Mod Browser

4.Now you will see the mod in the list where all other mods are saved as well.

Outgame instalation (on Windows) :

1. You go to Explorer

2. Then click on the "Local Disk" tab

3. From there, select "Programs (x86)".

4. Locate the "Steam" folder

5. There you will find the "steamapps", run them

6. Then go to the "common" folder and select the "Descenders" folder

7. If you select this, you will already see the "Mods" folder

8. Open this, drag the downloaded file into the folder and close all the tabs.

9. Finally, go into the game and go to the "Mods" tab in the main menu and if you have done everything correctly, the "BikeOut (Paluten Edition)" should now be available

To all Paluten palute head fans:

Pleas let him know so he might play it. Thank You❣️

Have fun playing Domsomdom ;-)







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