Beaver Mountain for Descenders

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Published by Z50Productions (mod ID: 60630)


Currently has 1 main trail with a good mix of terrain and alternate routes. If you like it I will add more trails in the future.




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nwheelz @nwheelz

how do i play it

druiz996 @druiz996

Out of all the "colossal" maps, this is the best one. Sure the jumps and berms are very very big but it feels right, you've hit the right note when it comes to upscaling. As much as I like realistic trails, Descenders' physics are not made for that and some realistic maps are straight-up painful.
Looking forward to your next projects (or updates on this one). I gotta say I'd love you to do some kind of "mountaincross" trail with many jumps, rhythm sections and all.

Z50Productions @z50productions

Thanks!! Ya it's definitely not the most realistic map, but I felt this worked well with the gameplay. And I might actually do that as part of my next update. Glad you enjoyed it!

ANGUS62 @angusvictormac

GG a card with an unrealistic decor but excellent, I have a lot of fun, with a smooth track and fluid and playful jumps.
everything goes great
I like your mapping style.
good job and thank you.

Z50Productions @z50productions

Thank you! It was my first project in Unity so I'm still learning. Glad you enjoyed it!